An Invitation

This is the hardest part – 
The waiting,
Trying not to watch too much,
Yet wanting so desperately to see

Where are you, Truth?
You haven’t always been this elusive
We really need you now,
Even though you might
blow my concepts all to hell
completely rock my world
disclose the undisclosable
bring things to light that are really hard on the eyes,
and heavy on the heart

But we’ve come too far
To back away now
You will change our lives
in unimaginable ways
Will you do it gently,
Or will it be a sharp reveal
Either way it has to be

We’ve been living without you
for far too long now,
pretending to be strangers
to our true selves
Will you free us
from our delusions?
Will you make yourself so plain
that you can’t be mistaken for the illusion anymore?

I’m sending you an invitation
This longing in my heart
will have it no other way
I invite you
in all your nakedness
in all your raw realness
to reveal yourself now
That I and all those others
can see you fully
We may be shocked
We may cry a million tears
We may feel anger, frustration,
helplessness and hopelessness
But I promise you one thing –
when you show yourself,
I will stand with you
in the truth of me