An Amazing Download

We had just picked up some eggs at a local farm. Just after making a left turn, I felt a lightness and expansiveness come over me. Then I heard the words, “The entire Universe is inside you.” As I continued to drive, the expansiveness only increased, and I could feel the truth of that statement permeate every cell in my body.

But more than that, I could feel the space inside me that was actually the same infinite space existing in the universe. I became overwhelmed knowing that this was true for each and every one of us, that we are in some way universes walking around as if we are these limited human beings. When actually, we are unlimited, infinite space. And in that space, pure love abounds.

And it is so for each leaf on the side of the road, each blade of grass, each rock, each drop of water. Move your awareness deeply into anything we find here, and you will find infinite space. This entire creation is a play of atoms on an infinite stage of pure space.

I know I am to integrate this awareness, to let it continue to permeate my being until it becomes, well, whatever it becomes. I am so grateful to have received this, if only for helping broaden my perspective when contemplating the difficulties our species is experiencing at this time on the planet. And I also know that with this knowing comes increased responsibility to not fall into old patterns and habits that limit my awareness of this infinite perspective. Indulging those patterns can only work to my detriment, and I have experienced this already.

I am newly determined to cultivate the presence that allows this sacred information to flow in and through me. To those beings, guides, mentors, and my own Highest Self, who make these downloads possible, my infinite gratitude abounds.