An Unexpected Holiday Gift

I went to a “cookie” party Sunday evening, an annual affair at which I would almost certainly have gorged myself on all kinds of wonderful tasting cookies and other sweet snacks. This year, thanks to the Living Inquiries, I not only didn’t have a single cookie, I actually invited a friend to bring over a plate of cookies and eat them in front of me!

When I first walked in, and saw the spread of all my favorite cookies, I felt the contraction in my body. I then continued to stare at the spread, and asked myself, “Where is the command to eat these cookies?” In this case, thanks to the Inquiry sessions I had done, I not only couldn’t find the command, but any attraction I felt for them was gone. I was very hungry, as I hadn’t had dinner, so I ate some of the savory snacks that were available. I kept returning to the cookies and staring at them, and at no time did I feel tempted to eat even one.

The freedom of this is profound. Not only does this feel, well, freeing, but I also feel so much more present and authentic. This addiction to sugar and chocolate has been with me seemingly forever, and now I actually feel that there is less of this person who was addicted here now. The addicted one seems to have receded into the background of my memory. I’m actually having so much fun with this now!

My profound thanks to Scott for bringing these Inquiries into being, as well as working with me months ago on this issue during our Deepening Course. In particular, I’d like to thank Loyd and Grant for the latest rounds of CI that allowed me to get to the truth of what was driving this addiction, and the emptiness of it all.

I can’t think of a better holiday gift. So much appreciation!