The Sky is Sacred

I am very angry right now. And not far underneath is an immense sadness.

There was a perfectly bright blue sky this morning. But it didn’t take long for the chemtrails to begin piercing the sky. In a matter of a couple of hours, the sky was that familiar gray, milky color, with no blue to be seen. The last two days were the first sunny days this part of the world has experienced in quite a while, and today would have been the same.

I remember when I first saw chemtrails in the mid to late 90s – my mind refused to accept that it was happening. I guess it’s kind of like when Columbus first landed, the native Americans weren’t able to see the ships, as such vessels were so far out of their experience. Well, for me, anyone actually messing with the sky was out of mine.

But as time marched on, so did the spraying, and my mind did accept that fact. So many blue skies ruined with this abasement. And so many people not believing that this was happening, denial of feelings being the preferred method of many, anything to keep from feeling the reality that our skies were and are being desecrated.

I’ve got news for the deniers out there – these are not “persistent contrails.” We’ve all seen contrails, and they dissipate after a few minutes. These chemicals spread out in the sky, bringing their particular toxic mix into the air and thereby our lungs. There is no lack of information available for anyone interested in finding out what is in these poisonous cocktails. But first you’ve got to admit that they are happening!

For me, writing this has helped, in that I feel the anger moving through and out. The sadness remains, and it comes up whenever they do this spraying. I know by the fact that I am feeling it that it is mine to purify by not resisting it.

I needed this form of expression today, as the anger was particularly poignant. This has allowed me to feel underneath, to the disappointment and incredulity that our fellow human beings could actually do this to humanity, and perhaps more unbelievably, to our beloved Gaia.