Making Room

Over the past several weeks, I have let go of three prominent components in my life. These components had given me much comfort, identification and recognition over many years, and I enjoyed each of them.

So why would I let them go?

Because when I tuned in to my inner guidance, I could feel that they were clogging my energy field, not allowing for new energy to emerge. When I realized this fully, I knew if I wanted to continue in the direction I had decided was most important to me, these items had to go, one at a time.

The first thing I let go of was a certain podcast I listened to whenever I had a chance. If I was doing a so-called mindless chore, or if I was taking a walk by myself, I would tune in to this podcast. The show made me laugh pretty consistently, as well as dealing with the more interesting aspects of sports, and I really wanted that. However, at a certain point I knew I was using the show as a crutch, as it was filling up the emptiness, which I could see I was avoiding.

It wasn’t easy at first to stop listening to it, but I decided to give it up permanently. I only missed it for a few days, actually, and I could see that the show had also been lowering my frequency. Maintaining my frequency has become all-important in the last year or so, so I have no regrets about this particular letting go.

The second component was a whole lot tougher. I had been a Certified Facilitator of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries for several years. I even worked at the Kiloby Center in Palm Desert for 10 months, and had formed some deep and enjoyable relationships with Scott and several others involved in the LI community. I was still contributing to the community in a number of ways, and was listed on the website as a certified facilitator. But for the past few months, I couldn’t escape the feeling in my gut that this too had to be released. The feeling was not very specific, just that it was important to do to make room for something new to arrive. At this point I was recognizing this feeling of creating space in my energy fields, so I took the leap and wrote to Scott of my desire to be taken off the facilitator lists.

My appreciation for the Living Inquiries remains profound, and if at some point I work with people again, I will use the tools I learned in whatever I do. I also use the tools on myself, as I find what I learned extremely useful. But this identification with being an LI facilitator had to go.

The third thing to go is still a work in progress. I have been playing all kinds of sports for most of my life, and it has been a source of much joy, all kinds of intensity and much fulfillment for me. In addition to playing sports, I have been an avid follower of professional sports teams for as long as I can remember. I have loved following my teams, mostly the New York ones, and I have been checking up on them every day. But lately I have been noticing the enjoyment aspect has been lacking, as the reality of professional sports has changed drastically since my childhood. I do not watch sports on TV any longer, and have restricted my interest to reading the internet. I had found myself wondering why I was spending any of my time on these folks, as the frequency I was encountering was not a very high one. I could feel that by not following sports on the internet, I was making more room in my being for hearing my inner guidance.

So this is day eight of not looking at any of the sports sites on the internet. This would have been unthinkable just a month or so ago. I still feel the urge to look in on the NY teams on these sites, but I know this is the right thing for now, so I don’t.  Perhaps I wouldn’t be writing blog right now if I had looked in, and in fact I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be.

I don’t feel I am depriving myself of anything. In fact, the main feeling I have is one of gratitude, gratitude for my inner guidance and gratitude for me, in that I listened to it! I can feel the infinite space inside much more vividly now, and I have received many gifts as I do. I am so looking forward to seeing what else arrives in my inner space now that I have made more room.