Pain to Power

I have been on the receiving end of chronic headaches, which have been going on for several weeks. Four nights ago, after an acupuncture treatment called, “The Seven Dragons,” I experienced a clearing that has precipitated a dramatic change in my being.

The evening of the treatment, the headache became excruciating. I woke up every hour, from 11:00 PM until 4:00 PM, with my head throbbing in a way I hadn’t experienced at any time previously. However, I was determined not to take a painkiller, but instead, I did “The Process.” This is a declaration of the Truth of our infinite, limitless, powerful, wise nature, a statement of the Truth that we have created whatever it is we are experiencing at all given moments, and that we can reclaim whatever Power we have stored in the discomfort (physical or not) we are feeling. The work of Robert Scheinfeld, and in particular, the book, “Busting Loose from the Money Game,” is where I first came across this invaluable tool.

I hadn’t actually used the tool for quite a while, but when I was using it regularly, it seemed to have precipitated dramatic breakthroughs in my awareness. I could go into a lot more detail about this topic, but I feel to go back to the story.

After enduring the pain, doing the process, falling back to sleep, and repeating this every hour from 11:00 until 4:00, I felt a bubble (the best word I can come up with) of FEAR move into my awareness (seemingly out of my head), hang around for about 2 seconds, and then disappear. The headache went from virtually unendurable to very mild, instantly, and I slept peacefully for a couple of hours.

Since that experience, I feel much lighter, and I wake up feeling “lit up” inside. The headaches have been getting gradually better, and that horrific pain has not returned. More significantly, my relationship to the pain has transformed. I no longer dread it, for one thing. The next evening, I even had the thought that I was looking forward to doing battle with it again that night! Don’t worry – I didn’t give any credence to that thought; I just witnessed it.

There have been some other events happening at this time, all seemingly conspiring to deepen my awareness of who we really are. I am finding this very exciting, energizing and just plain fun.

And it’s not half bad feeling all lit up, either!