The Dawning

With the dawn came the dawning.
A window opened, and I……
[what? saw, realized knew, understood, grokked..I’ll stick with saw]
I saw….

That everything I took as real was but a dream;
that nothing is true inside the dream.
How can it be? It’s just a dream.

That this Universe,
with its infinity of stars, planets, galaxies,
suns, moons, asteroids, comets,
and mostly empty space,
is but a dream;

That this planet,
with its rivers, oceans, deserts, jungles,
mountains, valleys, rainbows, trees,
is but a dream;

That the variety of life forms on this planet,
the animals, birds, mammals,
reptiles, amphibians, microscopic life,
is but a dream;

That the human life,
the people of all sizes, shapes, colors,
and all the variety of this human existence,
the love, the wars, the families,
the creativity, the destruction, the unity, the divisiveness,
is but a dream;

That the chair where I am sitting,
the pen I am using to write this,
the table that supports my notebook,
the computer where this will be typed,
are all elements of this dream;

That my story,
with all it beauty, its disappointments,
its successes, its failures,
its highs and lows,
sickness, health,
pride, humiliation,
all the thoughts, emotions, sensations
I have ever had,
can it be that all of these and more
are but appearances
in the dream?

That I am but a dream character in my own dream?
It sure is a lucid one!
Can it be
that everyone I have ever encountered,
mother, father, sister, brother,
friends, wife, children, teachers, gurus,
are also dream characters in this lucid dream?

With this dawning
There is only one thing I do know for sure,
and only one thing….

That’s all I know
That’s all I can know
That’s all I need to know
The rest is all within the dream

At this moment, I do not know how the dream unfolds,
and what my dream character gets to experience
within this infinitely creative dream.
Let the play continue!