Loosening My Grip on My Worldview

In the spirit of true confession, here are some things I have believed about the world we live in:

  • There is a massive conspiracy in place, a conspiracy so vast and convoluted and evil, that it is beyond the ability of most people on the planet to comprehend.
  • These families care nothing for the welfare of the human race, and are only interested in control.
  • They will use any means necessary, including chemtrails, vaccinations, genocide, wars for profit, disease, heavy metal poisoning, weather control, political manipulation, etc. in order to dumb down and kill as much of the population as is necessary to achieve their goals.
  • Mass media is owned and operated by corporations under the control of these families, and is operating as their propaganda arm. Next to nothing you see, read or hear on the news is to be trusted. Its main goal is to instill fear and misinformation to the general population.
  • The events of 9-11, the Kennedy assassination, the World Wars, and so many other gigantic events were orchestrated and carried out by our own governments, in order to amp up the fear factor, to give a further excuse to perpetuate the growth and inevitablity of military activities around the world, and to create monetary profit for the ruling families and the corporations they control.

I could go on and on. You can get as detailed with this as you want to get. Once this world view is adopted, you start to see invisible hands everywhere. Nothing is how it once appeared to be. The reason I started investigating all this in the first place was because I was so desperately looking for a way to explain and make sense of the world the way it is, with all the ills with which we are so familiar. Once I happened upon the so-called “conspiracy theories,” things began to make sense.

However, I am now in the process of loosening my grip on these beliefs, and seeing through even this level of “reality.” Mostly, this is due to an experience I had a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for a book to read amongst the shelves of the house where we are currently staying, and I found my thoughts drifting into the realms of what I have described above. At that point, a window opened, and a realization simply dawned on me that, basically, all of what I believed about the world was simply bullshit.

I trust what I was shown in those few seconds more than I trust all my reasoning power, or the evidence for this world view as voiced by many of the experts in the field. I can also unequivocally add that this revelation was not that what I see in the world is to be taken at face value. It was on the level of, “Look deeper, beyond appearances. All form is illusion and empty at its core.”

I won’t shut my eyes to anything that I see going on in the world. But I have not been heeding my own advice of holding my beliefs loosely, knowing that in due time they will all be wrested from my clutches.

The Living Inquiries have also shown me that behind all my wanting the world to be different than what it is, lies an emotion that I haven’t wanted to feel. Once welcomed and appreciated, these emotions are free to pass through, stay, or whatever, and I am fully able to allow them to be in the infinite space of who I am.

It always seems to boil down to feeling whatever it is we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel. Issues that seem planetary may in the end reduce themselves to some trauma-induced emotion we haven’t been willing to face.

So I am now officially loosening my grip on all my beliefs of how and why the world is the way it is. My eyes will remain open, staying alert to what I will next be shown. In the meantime I will support certain causes when it feels right, and to note resistances when they appear in my body/mind. After all, I am simply providing the space for all this to arise.