Waves of emotion
they ebb and flow,
come and go,
never totally disappearing,
the peaks getting stronger and stronger,
tears coming closer and closer.

As the waves increased in intensity,
a fear emerged,
subtle but tangible,
coaxing me to turn away from these waves.
It would be so easy to do so,
to allow more words and images
to distract me from this exquisite feeling,
right on the razor’s edge
of my allowing.
I could feel the countless times
I have turned away from these waves,
where I have let this fear,
subtle as it might be,
to rule the day.
But not this time.
I felt the fear,
felt the waves build,
felt all that was being offered in that moment,
until the tears came;
how could they not?
The wave broke,
and the tears flowed,
with a poignancy impossible to express.

In allowing this current its full due,
in my not-knowing
how long it would last,
or how intense it could or would become,
I found in this wave my love of life,
the preciousness I feel in every moment.
In allowing the fear
as opposed to reacting to it,
something priceless was revealed,
something so essential to my being alive,
a current of life itself.

The waves continue.
They will do what they do,
all in the infinite ocean
of I Am.