A Oneness Experience

The girl was about five yards away, sitting to my left. She looked familiar, but I couldn’t identify her as someone I knew. She was young, perhaps in her early 30s. We were sitting next to a stream, which is normally a power spot for me.

I looked at her intently, not really knowing why. Then it was as if a switch got flipped, and I was no longer separate from her. I still maintained my seat on the ground, but yet I was one with her in a way that I had never experienced before. I knew her thoughts – I wasn’t “reading” them, because that would imply separation from them. This was not that; I just knew the thoughts, and we were sharing them, as well as emotions and sensations, on a level of intimacy that would be impossible to do justice to in words.

It was a union that was completely impersonal, and yet intimately personal at the same time. There was no attachment to her as anything but another human being, playing the same human game as I was. In other words, there was nothing special about either of us, or about our relationship to each other. We were just one in that moment.

This oneness came as such a relief, that all I could say or think was, “Finally!”

That word was on my lips when I awoke.

This occurred in that twilight state between sleeping and waking up for the day. In my experience, this state is extremely potent, with many realizations, insights, and mysteries revealed.

This episode happened a couple of months ago, but I find myself drawn back into the spirit of it many times. It’s as if Truth is beckoning me with a curled index finger, reminding me of what has been promised.

This afternoon I finally decided to put this experience “on paper.”

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