Clearing Some Very Old Energy

I originally posted this on a closed group on Facebook, and felt that it might be appreciated here.

The Atlantis experience was beyond traumatic for so many of us. The memory of it has lingered in the backgrounds of our consciousness since it happened, and so much of what we have gone through can be traced back to that event. Thank goodness it is so much easier to clear these deep-rooted memories now than ever before. Literally – than ever before. My experience with this clearing is proof of that.

While stuck energies and patterns are now easier to clear than at any time previously, they are also more accessible than ever before also. It seems like a pretty good deal, actually – that the patterns are all coming up for clearing, while at the same time so much support is available for clearing them rapidly.

The format I used is a good one, and I can provide more detail on it if anyone is interested. I can tell you that I have had great success with clearing old patterns using what is described below, as well as other similar techniques.

Today I am celebrating the releasing and clearing of much trauma from the fall of Atlantis.

I knew something was up, as after three days of feeling most blissful, I woke up in deep fear on Friday AM. My body was behaving most strangely the rest of that day, and the fear stuck with me despite being with it. That night I hardly slept. Took two naps the next day, and was feeling somewhat calmer during the day.

This AM the fear was back, and I connected with the fall of Atlantis factor thanks to a suggestion from my wife that I do so. When I felt into it, it explains so many lifetimes of isolation, just putting in my time here until I could leave. I used the phrase, “The trauma from the fall of Atlantis is being released and cleared from my body/mind, energy field and aura NOW.”

I called forth the aspects of me that have wanted me to remain isolated, alone, and protected, and told them those agreements and contracts were now being dissolved and declared null and void, as they no longer served the highest good. I then thanked them for their loyal service to me, and integrated them back into the Divine I Am That I Am. I then fell asleep.

When I woke up, I saw through my closed eyes a field of gold, with many, many sharp black shards rising up into the Light of God.

My gratitude for this process, for what I’ve learned here in these groups and Jason’s talks, and especially for my wife, is through the roof.

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