Course Correction

I am celebrating that my Highest Self told me very explicitly why it is I have had such a difficult time letting go of following the political situation in the U.S.

I have suspected for quite some time that by following the situation, I was lowering my frequency, that it was a distraction, that it was reinforcing my attachment to a specific outcome, Plus my wife was getting on my case for this, wondering why I was spending so much time on this distraction. (As background, I have been aware of the control factors on this planet and researching it since the late 90’s.)

So I got very quiet three mornings ago and asked my Highest Self why I couldn’t seem to let go of following the situation so closely. Well, I got my answer, and it came as actual words in my awareness: “You made an oath.” That was my answer. Sometime in a past life, I don’t know (yet?) which one, I made an oath to do everything I could to rid this planet of those who would enslave us. And when I saw the control and enslavement was still happening during this lifetime, it was my oath to that effect that kept me hanging in there, to my detriment.

I proceeded to do the Light of God ceremony on this oath, and worked with my Highest Self to gently but firmly withdraw my oath. It’s not that I’m not interested in how this all turns out, it’s just not for me in this lifetime to make that my focus.

This is my fourth day without looking at any alternative media to keep up with the political doings. I stopped looking at MSM months ago.

I now know that it is by knowing the truth of who we actually are in our full divinity that we offer the best chance for humanity to wake up and be free. That is my focus.

6 thoughts on “Course Correction

  1. 1lisaa

    Thank you for spending your former lives in an oath to rid the forces that would enslave us. I applaud you and cheer you on for listening to your highest self, setting a course correction and sharing it with us. Your words inspire me to live in my divinity too, dear brother. xoxoxo

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