First Time Out

The original title of this blog was, “Exploring Truth – The End of the Search.” I saw this title on the top of the page, then my eyes moved a few inches to the right. See what I see? That’s right, a search box, just inviting you to search for something. Somehow my title seemed just a tad too ironic.

So I stuck to something I know, which is that my beliefs are completely irrelevant to any truth that I have experienced. The truth doesn’t involve my thought process, it just is. The most vivid breakthroughs into any realization of truth that I have had just seemed to happen, and were not the end results or confirmation of any beliefs I may have held. In fact, they have involved letting go of any beliefs that I had previously thought necessary in defining my experience. I somehow understood that holding on to them was what was keeping me from the relief of whatever suffering I was experiencing at that moment.

We have been hearing for years that we are infinite beings, and that we have infinite power at our command. What a shock, what a beautiful, expansive, liberating shock it is to feel that power, and to simultaneously know that it isn’t personal! It just is, as we just are, and this power, infinite as it is, is no big deal. There’s just no “I” here to wield it. Now that’s joyful!

I was thinking this AM that one reason I love to talk with people about truth is that it deepens my understanding of whatever it is that we are talking about. I also realized that there are many times that no one else is around, that I spend a lot of time not speaking. That is one reason for writing this blog, as writing is the next best thing to speaking with someone. It allows me to “speak” the truth on the computer screen, and then feel how what I’ve written resonates inside me.

I invite any comments you may have.

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