Speaking Truth

I spent lunchtime yesterday with a couple of lovely new friends. We spoke about many things, including what has led us to our present states of being. I spoke of my awakening, of the very unusual circumstances that led to it, of some experiences that I have had. They also shared very personal and poignant information. It was a very intimate exchange, as what we shared was deep and real.

As I went about through the rest of my day, and this morning as well, I noticed a deepening of my awareness of, well, myself as awareness itself, as the space in which all of life’s various happenings appear. I felt this awareness encompassing all of space and time, and at the same time being “localized” as this personage known as Paul. As I said, a deepening of my experience seems to have occurred.

Speaking seems to play a large part in this. As I speak truth, my experience of truth seems to become more profound; it’s as if the very act of speaking truth brings an amplification of the truth behind my words. Yet, as my Human Design accurately points out, if I just go blabbing without being invited to speak, if I try to foist my words on a whim or out of my exuberance to share, the process of deepening gets short-circuited, and is usually met with rejection.

Patience is a virtue in this case, as I wait for the invitation to speak and share what is most dear.

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