Loving the Ego

As I was chatting with a friend over lunch, I found myself talking about one of my favorite topics – the infinitely creative, inventive, and serpentine web we have woven to activate and engage the ego as our front-and-center interface with the world. The genius of this particular contrivance is absolutely mind-boggling to me. I am constantly in awe and full appreciation of how we have entangled ourselves in this web, how easy it is to do, and the seemingly infinite number of mazes in which we can get lost.

But today, as I was expressing my appreciation for this mechanism, I felt something else. My heart was bursting with love for this entire enterprise, and how it keeps us trapped in the search. I also felt love for all of us who, wishing to escape the tentacles of the self-center, have been trapped again and again in its clutches. To say I was surprised at this love arising in this context, and so spontaneously, is an understatement!

How can I possibly love something that has been responsible for so much suffering? The truth is, I have no idea. I just felt it, that’s all. This feels monumental to me, in that perhaps an inner battle has ceased, the search for the unfindable abandoned for the futile exercise that it is. I don’t know. But I do know how expansive that feeling of love was, and is, and how much at peace I feel around the entire process.

This goes along quite nicely with the idea that as I speak, my truth seems to emerge, and often in very surprising ways.


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