The Mind’s Agenda

It’s quite simple, really.
The mind has its own agenda.
Who are you to be telling other people this stuff? You know that everyone learns in their own way.

We seem to inhabit our thoughts, our thoughts seem to inhabit us, and we really believe that the tone of our thoughts creates the tone of our lives.
For many of us, that tone is very uncomfortable.
In those moments when we are alone, that’s the tone we reference as being who we are.
That’s what you do, not necessarily what others do. That’s just plain arrogant! Besides, those aren’t the right words. People won’t know what you mean.
Hey, look out the window – check out that guy walking his dog. 

When we are with others, that’s the tone we do our best to cover up with our various personality quirks.
Man, I feel so phony!
There is a story we are believing, and this story is one of how unworthy, how inadequate and deficient we are.

Hey! You borrowed that term “deficient” from Scott Kiloby!
Yeah, but it works quite well there, doesn’t it?
Maybe, but where are your original ideas? There’s nothing original here.

This just seems to be the way things are until the mind’s hidden agenda is discovered.
Even after seeing this hidden agenda, it’s not easy to keep your distance from what the mind presents.
So you’re saying that we need to get better at it then? So, we are deficient!

One of the most valuable things I have ever read was from Scott Kiloby’s book, “Love’s Quiet Revolution.” He suggested we simply notice our thoughts without trying to fix them.
Just notice them, and see if there is a common theme to all of them.
Also, see if this theme is integral to the upholding of one purpose.

I did this “noticing” for a period of some weeks.
Aren’t you great and spiritual!
It became evident that the theme of my thoughts, and I truly mean virtually every thought, was, “The Search.”
I did something wrong in the past, it’s is making the present intolerable, and I need to fix it in the future by, well, a zillion different methods I have learned over the years of this “spiritual search.”
The rationalizations that arose for whatever future outcome I desired were endless, and endlessly inventive.
Hey, my mind is really quiet!
That the thoughts I might have about any particular topic were very often contradictory, well, only allowed me to notice that the story was irrelevant to the mind.
Only the continual search was relevant.

Why continue the search?
Continuing the search allow us to maintain the illusion of a separate self.
This allows us to continue playing the human game, borrowed from Robert Scheinfeld! Very original! under the pretense of being separate beings.
This allows us to express our creativity, and live out our lives in a totally unique way.

You’ll never be able to put that into accurate words!

It was a revelation to let this all go with the noticing itself, that in order to stop there, and not try to fix anything, I was actually in such an expanded and aware space, that nothing else seemed necessary.

Once again, your choice of words leaves much to be desired.

I was impressed beyond words with the pure genius of this mechanism of the mind, that of all the “inventions” we humans have come up with, this was by far the most inventive of them all.
This was a maze of the highest order.

Yeah, and you know it’s hopeless to even try to get out of this maze. It can’t be done. You’ll always return to that sense of despair, that hopelessness, that you have always found so comfortable. Your bitterness will last forever, and you know that deep down inside.

In other words, this isn’t a war between who we really are and our minds.
The mind hasn’t been designed to be our guide.
It has been designed to be an amazing tool, for research, comparisons, reference, etc., but not for determining the Truth.
Pretty arrogant, very pretentious.

We will all come to this Truth in our own unique way, playing the human game as we have designed it for ourselves.

The trees outside your window sure are beautiful.

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