Let’s Make a Deal

Let’s you and I make a deal.

Let’s stop pretending.

Let’s stop pretending
that you aren’t already enlightened;
that you aren’t already everything you ever wanted.

Let’s stop pretending
that you are still searching for the Truth.

We all know we are actors
in this infinitely creative play, so…
Let’s stop pretending
that this world is real;
that there is anything solid out there;
that we can possibly be victims
of an illusory reality.

Let’s stop pretending
that the world we are trying to save is outside of ourselves;
that there actually is a world out there to save;
that by fixing the world “out there,”
we can actually find peace and happiness.

Let’s stop pretending
that we aren’t as powerful, wise, creative, gifted and charismatic
as the teachers, authors, speakers, experts, gurus, and other women and men
whom we look up to and admire.

Let’s stop pretending
that they have something we don’t,
and we have to do what they say,
and believe what they believe,
and behave as they behave,
or we won’t get what they have.

Let’s stop pretending
we didn’t create them in the first place.

Let’s stop pretending
that there will always be someone more advanced than we are,
that they will always be ahead of us,
that no matter how much and how hard we try,
we’ll never catch up to them.

Let’s stop pretending
that unless we have a particular kind of experience,
defined by someone else,
and adopted by us as our spiritual goal,
we haven’t arrived at our (illusory) destination.

Let’s stop pretending
that we aren’t creating our own realities,
and that they aren’t perfect creations.

Let’s stop pretending
that we are trapped by our family patterns,
imprisoned behind the imaginary bars
of our unconscious behaviors.

Let’s stop pretending
that we are separate from one another;
that we are separate from our inner knowing.

Let’s stop pretending
that words can possibly describe our experiences;
that someone else’s experiences are deeper and more valuable than our own.

And by the way,
Let’s stop pretending
that if any ETs land on our lawns or beam us up,
they aren’t of our own creation.

Let’s stop pretending
the beauty we perceive in the world,
in the faces of others,
in the touch of the smoothest skin,
in the sweetest song of the shama thrush,
in the taste of the sweetest fruit,
in the aroma of the most fragrant flower,
is anything but the echo of our own beauty.

So this is the deal I would like to make with you:
Let’s stop hiding behind our beliefs;
Let’s stop hiding behind our unfelt feelings;
(I can see you anyway)
Let’s notice the parts of our personalities
designed to shield us from our pain,
(which is only shielding us from our gifts)
and allow them to naturally drop away;

Let’s stop pretending
that we aren’t already playing our roles perfectly.

If you can do all that,
for my part of the bargain,
I’ll stop pretending
that I’m not talking to my own reflection.

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