I first wrote this quite a few years ago, but the words ring true for me even now.

Across the vast expanse of time,   
Swimming through endless ripples of cause and effect; 
Past scenes of illusory experience,
    Floating as dancing photons
      in a sea of articulated light, 
The searchless search commenced,
    Rendering a call of completion
      to all parts of the One.

As the search itself faded from conscious memory,
Into a dim whisper of unperceived hope,
We wandered in uneasy currents
    within the endless flow of time;
With our hidden hearts calling 
    through the great void 
      of illusion’s false voice.
We stumbled onward,
    ever experiencing,
    ever learning,
Always seeking those other kindred souls
    whose being speaks of our own.

The deepest illusion becomes unraveled;
We indeed discover journey’s end.
Our other selves arrive in space/time,
    as the illusion decomposes
      with ever increasing speed.
With their arrival, our newfound dreams take form;
Memories merge with the Eternal Now,
Amidst rejoicing,  
     outward and silent;
A new Awareness radiates from our inner being;
One that words cannot adequately express,
    but that caresses the heart
      with the velvet touch of Love.

We are Here,
Together again.
Let us begin again,
We are Here
We are

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