The Bottomless Pit

When it sinks in,
The cells vibrate throughout the body;
They ring with pleasure
as the pride of knowing emerges.

Seeking seems to have born fruit,
but it’s just a launching pad
for the next quest

The seeking must continue!
There is a need
for the next moment of understanding
that will surely come,
if I keep looking for it,
waiting for it,
hoping for it

The rest of life is one huge hole of expectancy,
Until the the next hit
off the pipe of understanding
becomes available

The mind is convinced of its accomplishment;
that it was due to its efforts
that the understanding came

Meanwhile, in our front yard,
The Shama Thrush sings its beautiful song,
oblivious to the clamoring of the mind
for more knowledge,
more techniques,
more specialness,
more moments of clarity
to justify the seeking
and to finally be at rest

Which of course never comes,
as the bottomless pit
of the need to understand
must be filled

Good luck with that one

3 thoughts on “The Bottomless Pit

  1. juliette

    It is such a joy and honor to witness you anchor deeper and deeper into the truth of who you are. You are the love of my life, my clear reflection!

  2. Lisa

    Your poetry is beautiful! It makes me think…. of my need to understand, the clamoring of my mind… “Good luck with that one,” indeed! It is a ‘moment by moment’ endeavor for me to just be and accept what is and know that “what is,” is way bigger than anyone can imagine, if we can only stop our mind!

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