The Unraveling


This is no joke, this seeing;
This seeing of patterns
      of habits
      of coverups
      of selfishness
      of internal compromises
      of dishonesty
      of not honoring inner truth

We know about this shedding of ego-based existence,
But this morning I heard the phrase, “Say Goodbye,”
      and felt its implications

This is not a game to attain something
      to accomplish a task of some kind
      to achieve a spiritual milestone
      or to look good in our own eyes
      or the eyes of others.

This is an annihilation of who we think we are;
and to face that, well, humbling doesn’t even begin to say it.
But it is humbling, and fearsome, and tender,
      and in this we are most vulnerable;
As what we used to do to cover all that up
      no longer serves.

For those of us who have somehow found ourselves
      in this process of unbecoming,
My deepest respect goes out to us all;
This is indeed not for the faint of heart.
We can tend to overlook the courage this takes
but I will overlook it no longer.

Tears are never far away,
melting my pretenses.

Let the unraveling continue.

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