Notes From New York

My Mom had a fall shortly after my last post. So here I am in Rye, New York, six thousand or so miles from Kauai and my beautiful wife. However, knowing that all atoms are black holes, how far away am I really?

Having hit her head, my 92 year-old Mom was in serious condition for a few days, but fortunately is now recovering nicely. However, she is still quite confused, and has been seeing things that, well, let’s just say that I don’t see the same things she does. It’s kind of like a dream state, where she is reacting to and speaking of things that only she can see. Apparently this is a normal stage for someone with head trauma, and much of the time yesterday we were able to converse coherently.

We had a hilarious exchange yesterday. She was seeing a newspaper or a magazine hovering in the air in front of her, and she wanted me to move it closer so she could read it. I told her that I would if I could, but that I didn’t see it. After repeated attempts to get me to move this newspaper closer to her, attempts that met with no success, she stared at me and said, “When was the last time you got your eyes checked?” I loved that line and laughed, whereupon, she repeated her question, ending with, “I don’t think you are seeing very well. You need new glasses.” I’m still laughing over that one.

This is truly a situation in which I have no choice but to take each day as it comes. Planning is necessary, as some changes are in order, but these plans are to be taken lightly. My mind desires context and certainty, and there is none to be had.

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