Learning from Example

I am celebrating grokking very deeply what has been talked about a great deal recently, re: being an example as opposed to telling people stuff.

I was communicating with a person I know very well, and then we simply got quiet. It was then that I felt her essence so deeply, so clearly, as (words are tough here) the sum total of everything she has done to become who she is right now. That essence was overwhelmingly deep and wonderful, and I got it on a level of communication that I have never experienced before, and honestly, that there are no words for. No teaching coming from her would have spoken as eloquently as this person’s example of who she is.

I am extremely grateful for this experience of the Paradise to come, when we all allow and facilitate each other to become who we truly are by our examples. I am now tuned in to receiving and offering that, and that is truly worthy of celebration.

This type of learning and communicating is revolutionary in a way, in that we are so used to reading and hearing spiritual truths from others. But this is proof to me that by cleaning up our own acts, we are becoming the greatest teachers on the planet, and we don’t have to say a word.

2 thoughts on “Learning from Example

  1. Thank you for your teachings and example. This resignated with me, it is old programming that if there was quiet then something was wrong ! It was uncomfortable. I wonder how many people make conversation just to keep the mind busy, rather than actually seeIng and feeling the person as they are!
    Thank you for the reminder, that silence IS GOLDEN!

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